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Singles Coaching



Why your past relationships haven't been successful?


Who YOU actually are as a person? 

Why getting along with colleagues, family members, or friends can be so trying at times?

What pitfalls have you experienced in past relationships and how can you began to evolve in order to create better relationships and outcomes in the future? 


All coaching programs come with the basic assessment results, and video MBTI typing of our LUVLogic perspective. As well as 6-7 coaching sessions with our team to help you further understand your neuroscape. 

All clients will get a 10-20 page report discussing their cognitive default, as well as homework to help them further develop themselves. 

Our singles program is a 6-7 session platform designed to help individuals get to know themselves in a scientific way.   


We help  our clients take the shame out of the way they look at themselves through cognitive assessments.  Our clients leave our program with tools to help them choose their life path in a more meaningful, loving, and enthusiastic way.


Our brain chooses our life before we even think about the life we want to live. Know your brain, so you can choose your life.

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