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Corporate Coaching

Do you struggle to communicate with your coworkers or team, finding that there is a gap in conveying information about little tasks or significant projects? 


Do you consistently run into the same issues or frustrations with your  team? 

Do you wish you could create a better bond with your staff or coworkers so you could be more efficient on the job?

Is your employee turnover high?

If you have ever wondered how to create better, connection and communication with your coworkers or team, this coaching plan provides you with the comprehension and tools to do so!

Our corporate program is designed to help teams of 20 or less to get to know themselves and their colleagues through their cognitive personalities. 


LUVLogic Corporate helps businesses to better understand their colleagues cognitive efficiencies and inefficiencies to better utilize their performance skillsets. 


This program gives you the tools to ensure better communication in the office and less time spent on inefficiencies allowing for increased productivity, decreased employee turn over, and increased employee happiness in the workplace. 

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