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Couples Coaching

Have you ever wondered why your partner just doesn't seem to speak your language? 


Do you have moments of miscommunication, resentment or mistrust in your relationship? 

Do you/your partner communicate/respond to one another in ways that you are not proud of?

Do you crave a relationship that nurtures you, do you want to be in a long term relationship where nothing is taken for granted, where you truly understand and can take action on making your partner feel loved? 

Our couples platform is designed to help couples get to know themselves and each other through the science of our cognitive personalities. 

We help couples understand the way their brains work individually and together to give them the tools to ensure successful communication and continued growth together. 

COUPLES NEUROFEEDBACK: Get back in alignment with your partner with an at home neurofeedback session.  Where we train both of your brains to sync with one another.



All coaching programs come with the basic assessment results, and video MBTI typing of our LUVLogic perspective. As well as 6-7 coaching sessions with our team to help you further understand your neuroscape. 

All clients will get a 10-20 page report discussing their cognitive default, as well as homework to help them further develop themselves. 

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