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NOT Therapy

It is important to put a disclaimer here saying that LUV Logic is NOT Therapy. 


We are not therapists, psychologists, neurologists, or psychiatrists. We are COACHES. We facilitate a coaching program designed to educate clients about their neuroscape while asking probing questions to allow our clients to find the true answers to self.  We believe this approach allows individuals and couples to thrive in the long term and in life.

So, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means we will not provide answers on what you SHOULD do in your life/love, or what you COULD HAVE done with your life/love, and we certainly won't approach the WOULD HAVE circumstances. What we will do is ask purposeful questions that allow you to discover your own SHOULD, COULD, or WOULD.  We will encourage more internal cognitive strength and flexibility by LISTENING, DISCOVERING, and ASKING you the questions you may not have the courage to ask yourself. The result...your cognitive flexibility, your willingness and even eagerness to create deep, dynamic relationships will forever be changed!

We LOVE Therapy

Just because we are NOT Therapy, doesn't mean we don't love a good therapist! 

Not every LUV Logic inquire is going to be a good fit for us, and we are very aware of this fact. As a matter of fact we would love to see you working with other professionals along side the LUV Logic program! Which is why we have gone out of the way to find incredible practitioners to help facilitate those needs. In an ideal world, we love to work in coexistence and cooperation with practitioners to create a dynamic that allows you and your relationships to show up the best they possibly can! 

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