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The goal of Neuroscience research is to understand neural structure and function of our brains and bodies, and how this applies to our human behavior, normal physiological processes and ultimately human kind. As researchers learn more, expand knowledge and develop new techniques, the number of research topics grows, and it can be exceeding difficult to get a handle on the field as a whole. Luv Logic hopes to begin to bridge and assist in the gap of knowledge we do not understand in regards to love and the psychology associated.
It is important to know that there are several problems with knowledge around sex research. There are many stereotypes about women's and men's reactions to desire, excitement and orgasm.  These stereotypes and disparities are widespread, even among scientists.  These issues interfere with examining human sexual life in an objective way.  It is expensive and difficult to explore sexual desire and orgasm in a real time approach, leaving the a research and data with gaps.
We LOVE Science
It is important to understand that not all research is considered equal.  We LOVE science, however, it is important to use information as a fuel source and not a concrete belief. The human body and brain is still very much a mystery to scientists and researchers.  There is a lot we know, and there is still a considerable amount that we do not know.  We often reference research from in our copy and we encourage our followers to do their own research, and formulate their own ideas based on science, critical thinking and their own unique perspectives. We are coaches that facilitate intrigue, and hope that curiosity will encourage further human grace, love, and perspective. 
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