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The LUV Logic Culture

As a woman owned company  we believe in supporting the lifestyles for our coaches.  We believe in a healthy work/life balance, and we firmly believe in boundaries.  We encourage a "DO LESS" workstyle to encourage our coaches to live lives full of joy, personal growth, integrity, purpose, and passion in all aspects of life. So what does this look like? 
32 hr Work Weeks
15 minute breaks between coaching sessions
Email/Text/Phone Call Boundaries
We know that by setting these very specific guidelines that our coaches will live happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, allowing them to truly LIVE with Purpose.   We encourage FAMILY, we encourage SELF, and we encourage PARTNERSHIP.
If you or someone you know finds themselves in a constant state of BURNOUT, we encourage you to read the book, DO LESS by Katherine Northrup.  Our society needs to do a better job of supporting the beautiful feelings of LIFE and not drowning in WORK. 
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