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Family Coaching

Do you struggle with how to communicate with your child/children..does it seem like you speak two different languages?

Do you have a child that asks you why you treat them differently than you treat their siblings?

Are you consistently running into the same issues or frustrations with your child's behavior? 

Do you wish you could create a better bond with your child through better understanding and communication?


All Coaching programs come with the basic assessment results, and video MBTI typing of our LUVLogic perspective. As well as 6-7 coaching sessions with our team to help you further understand your neuroscape. 

All clients will get a 10-20 page report discussing their cognitive default, as well as homework to help them further develop themselves. 

The LUVLogic family program is designed to help parents and children know themselves and each other through their cognitive personalities.


We help your family understand the way your brains work so that more grace can be given in situations and more impactful support is shown throughout the family. 


Our coaching program gives you the tools to ensure better communication and more knowledge, and a lot more love within your family.

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