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Attraction < Lust < Love

NEUROCHEMISTRY OF LOVE : It's the magic potion to our love story, one that can either make or break a relationship. Below is an introduction to that magic potion of Lust, Attraction, and (fingers crossed) LOVE!

THE SEX DRIVE/LUST is defined as being a physiological and hormonal craving for sexual union with a specific partner.

Specifically triggering the estrogens (dominantly female) and androgen (dominantly male) This desire can also be linked to our olfactory system, relating more closely to our partners pheromones.

ATTRACTION is defined by an increased focus of energy placed upon a preferred romantic partner. Feelings of excitement

, obsessive thinking about the person, and the desire for emotional connection. This heighted focus and excitement is supported by a beautiful mixture of dopamine and norepinephrine with a sprinkling of serotonin.

COMMITTED LOVE Is more recognizably characterized as Attachment. The feelings of safety, comfort, security and emotional compatibility. A study of Voles helped research quantify the importance of both Oxytocin and Vasopressin in relation to our ability to attach to a partner. These neuropeptides have evolved to help motivate partners to sustain a committed monogamous love.

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